Instagram: Reels will accept videos of up to 15 minutes

Instagram announced this Thursday (21) that, from now on, in the Reels function, it will be possible to share videos of up to 15 minutes. Videos that were published prior to this new update will remain as “videos”, but will not become Reels.

The platform started testing this change a few weeks ago, and will make it fixed in the next few weeks. The transformation is part of Instagram’s dedication to delivering a more immersive, full-screen experience. They are also consolidating the video and Reels tabs in user profiles, all in one, with the purpose of creating a single place to find video content in the app.


If the account is public and the user posts a video that turns into Reels, anyone can access your video and use the original audio to create their own content. Now, if the account is private, Reels will only be visible to the account’s followers.

Even if the account is public, the user may not want anyone to make a remix or use their audio, and for that not to happen, just access the account settings and disable this option.

This update may complicate the lives of some users, as the Reels tool allows vertical videos and can make it difficult to upload videos taken horizontally.

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Image: Playback/Instagram

In addition to this change, Instagram also announced that it will launch new ways for users to create and share Reels. They are introducing a “dual” feature, which allows you to record content and the reaction to it at the same time using both the phone’s front camera and the rear camera.

Instagram is also expanding some of Reels’ tools, including using a green screen that can be split vertically or horizontally, and has recently been testing “Remix for photos”, which will allow you to remix photos from public accounts.

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