Google Photos now says more clearly the size of images

Among Android users, Google Photos is undoubtedly the most democratic app for gallery backups . Lately, the app has been receiving several updates and improvements for those who use it, such as: SIM shortcut, Real Tone filters and even shortcut on the home screen for screenshots. This time, the latest version lets you add a new element to the info section for images, making it easier to tell the resolution and backup size of each file.

As the photo backup is accessed through a web browser, select any image and then click the “i” button. At the time, the EXIF ​​data for the upload, file name, location, camera used, camera settings, day and date of capture will be presented.

In addition, they detected a new entry in this section of information called “Backup”. This time it presents the quality of the backup and whether the file is taking up space on the account’s storage. In January, there was a change, as Google provided unlimited downloads of high quality images and, those who used it before, will not have their storage corrupted. However, if it happens, the user will see the file size in “backups”.

See the backups section in the Google Photos update
Image: Disclosure / Android Police

Google Photos updates

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First of all, apparently the improvements to Google Photos are rolling out in phases as Android Police reports that it has seen session “backups” available to users, but 9to5Google says no. However, it’s a server-side improvement, so it probably won’t require a specific update.

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