China says US intends to dominate and militarize space

During an interview given by Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian to Chinese state-run news channel China Global Television Network, the representative urged the US to be a little friendlier while in orbit .

At the time, Zhao alleged that “the US stole intelligence information and engaged in close reconnaissance in the space domain, as it did in other domains.” “This would have a serious negative impact on global strategic stability and pose a serious threat to peace and security in outer space.”

Lijian added that the US has developed and deployed communication-breaking devices and space weapons. China, in particular, does not seem to like the new National Space Intelligence Center, an issue that has led Lijian to criticize the entire space program.

China X USA

The center was founded during the Donald Trump administration and aims to establish space as a war-fighting domain. The sector has even been receiving investments in recent years and with the increasingly hostile relations between the USA X China and Russia, this tends to increase.

Earlier this year, the armed forces division requested a 40% larger budget, bringing its total to $24.5 billion, comparable to NASA’s budget. According to, most of the amount will go towards research and development and missile warning systems.

The US, however, accuses China of doing the same. In a recent interview, NASA director Bill Nelson stated that the Asian country intends to take control of the Moon. “We should be very concerned that China is landing on the moon and saying, ‘It’s ours now and you’re out of it,” Nelson said. The head of the agency also said that there is a new space race, this time with China in place of the Soviets and also said that the Chinese can destroy satellites of other countries. 

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