OnePlus publishes, on its Twitter, video of OxygenOS 13

Recently, OnePlus hosted an online Open Ear Forums (OEF). On the occasion, the company used 16 participants from its user base to discuss, mainly, about the next update of OxygenOS 13, in addition to expected improvements. The result of this was that OnePlus, after four months, released a video on Twitter giving a preview about.

At first, the video released by OnePlus featured a few things, such as changes to the lock screen and always on screen (AOD). In addition, it is accompanied by the caption “It’s bold, it’s fluid, it’s coming OxygenOS 13”, which may be a small hint about the consistency and optimization evolution discussed in the OEF.


OnePlus Improvements on OxygenOS 13

Of course, it is not possible to know all the improvements present in this new version , as they are just observations from a video. However, what actually became noticeable was the change in relation to the display. This time AOD supports a Music Player complete with media control and a photo of the track art. However, this widget may change depending on the music player app.

Finally, you can see the representation of the Canva AOD feature, which already exists in other versions. However, apparently it will be possible to change the color of the Canvas and not just be white. To top it off, the Insight AOD is visible which can display phone usage, date, time and more, but with nothing new in the mix.

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