GTA 6 has been in production since 2014 and will be released in two years

Due to the great success of Grand Theft Auto 5, released in 2013, many players questioned whether there would be a sequel to the franchise. In fact, the development of game It may have been going on for longer than imagined.

According to information disclosed in an article by journalist Jason Schreier, from Bloomberg, the Rockstar Games is producing the sixth GTA title since 2014, a year after the arrival of GTA 5. According to Schreier, the company would be trying to eliminate the crises and the discriminatory culture that surrounded the producer over these years and that would be the reason for the delay in the release of GTA 6.


Image: Playback/Rockstar Games
Image: Playback/Rockstar Games

Sources close to the project revealed, according to the article, that GTA 6 should only be released in 2024, which would result in a decade of development for the game. Additionally, Schreier points out that Rockstar members left the company earlier this year out of frustration with the game’s slow development progress.

The article also states that one of the reasons for this delay would be related to the map. Initial plans for GTA 6 were intended to feature the largest map in the franchise’s history, incorporating notable cities from North and South America. However, the project was considered too ambitious and the decision was made to introduce the plot in a simple city inspired by Miami, USA. On the other hand, the intention is to add new areas with updates, evolving the game over time.

GTA 6 will have the franchise’s first female protagonist

The Franchise Fans Grand Theft Auto have been waiting a long time for the release of GTA VI and now they have received a novelty: the sixth match will have a female protagonist.

The information was released by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg. The journalist spoke with an employee of the Rockstar Games and according to him, the game is in a slow stage of development due to the changes that have taken place at the producer, seeking greater diversity and a less toxic work environment. During the past few years, Rockstar has been involved in controversies, involving complaints from company employees and the production of games with a misogynistic content.

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