GTA 6 will have the franchise’s first female protagonist

The Franchise Fans Grand Theft Auto have been waiting for a long time for the release of GTA VI and now they have received a novelty: the sixth match will have a female protagonist.

The information was released by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg. The journalist spoke with an employee of the Rockstar Games and according to him, the game is in a slow stage of development due to the changes that have taken place at the producer, seeking greater diversity and a less toxic work environment. During the past few years, Rockstar has been involved in controversies, involving complaints from company employees and the production of games with a misogynistic content.


Image: Playback/Rockstar Games
Image: Playback/Rockstar Games

Also according to Schreier, GTA VI will have two protagonists. The female main character will be a Latin woman and along with the male protagonist, both were influenced by the criminals Bonnie and Clyde.

In addition, the information indicates that the game has been in development since 2014 and will adapt to the cultural aspects of the current world, seeking, for example, not to make heavy jokes with marginalized groups anymore.

What is it and how to play GTA RP?

Grand Theft Auto V is a phenomenon in the world of games and is not new. Launched in 2013, the title remains on the planet’s bestseller list even 9 years after its original release. The reason for such a long life is the resource multiplayer in the form of GTA Online. And also from the dedication of players who created mods like GTA RP – or roleplay.

GTA RP is based on the PC version of GTA V which, with the help of FiveM software, completely transforms the game, allowing players to create their own stories in a world shared with others. In the world of GTA RP, everyone has a role: one player is a simple pizza delivery man who has a certain time to work, another can be a taxi driver, for example.

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