Open Beta of “MultiVersus” reaches huge number of players

THE Warner Bros Games released the open beta of “MultiVersus” this last Tuesday, 26th, and the match is already having a great success, securing a significant number of players.

Available on both PC and consoles, the title reached a peak of 144,000 concurrent players yesterday on Steam. Thus, “MultiVersus” broke the record of the fighting genre that belonged to “Dragon Ball FighterZ”, which gathered about 44 thousand players. In addition, the game became the fourth most popular game on Valve’s platform.


Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros. games
Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros. games

Given this popularity, players may encounter some instability on the game’s servers. Being in beta, the full game will still be made available by Warner.

“MultiVersus” supports crossplay and can be played on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. In addition to being free-to-play, the game is a crossover with several iconic characters from pop culture, such as Shaggy, Bugs, Batman and LeBron James, famous basketball player.

“MultiVersus”: Ted Lasso and Joker could be the next characters to arrive in the game

The main series character of “Ted Lasso“, from Apple TV+, and the famous villain from DC Comics joker, could be the next characters to be added to “MultiVersus”, a new game from Warner Bros. Games. The information was released by the enormousleaker, a Reddit user known for leaking several news about the game – including the arrival of the title (at the time).

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According to an insider, however, it is not just these two inclusions that are foreseen, but at least 20; among them are also Scooby-Doo, Rick and Morty, Godzilla and even LeBron James. According to gamesradar, the user shared a list of confirmed to ‘Multiversus’ and the possible names that should enter. Check out the full list below!

To find out who is already confirmed in the game, access the report of Olhar Digital.

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