SpaceX says 5G regulation could harm Starlink’s internet

The US Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) wants to promote a regulatory change involving the 12 GHz frequency, the band in which Starlink satellites offer their internet services to more than 400,000 users in the US, according to SpaceX data.

The intention of the commission is to allow the use of this frequency for wide use. The network provider Dish has already shown interest in using this same band to set up its new 5G network and transmit TV signal.


SpaceX claims that passing the change will harm the Starlink signal and other users in the 12GHz band. The company tries in several ways to stop a possible decision favorable to the change. In addition to submitting documents to the FCC, she also sent out emails to Starlink customers alerting them to the situation.

For SpaceX senior director David Goldman, the measure would end the services provided to customers of that frequency and make the track unusable. According to studies carried out by SpaceX itself, users would have interference about 80% of the time with the opening of the 12GHz band to 5G.

On the other hand, a coalition (5Gfor12GHz) formed by groups interested in approving the regulatory measure, said that the figures presented are part of a disinformation campaign promoted by SpaceX regarding 5G.

According to 5Gfor12GHz, SpaceX CEO and owner Elon Musk routinely uses tactics that promote disinformation and this is yet another anti-5G narrative promulgated by the billionaire. In addition, the entity highlights the damage that this attitude causes to American consumers and to US sovereignty in the provision of state-of-the-art services.

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