Koenigsegg wants to beat Bugatti Chiron speed record

In 2020, automaker Koenigsegg introduced the Jesko Absolut, its first production vehicle capable of exceeding 480 km/h. At the time, the Swedish brand promised that no other model would be able to surpass it so soon on the tracks.

The latest brand to achieve the feat was Bugatti, which stopped chasing new speed records since 2019 after a modified version of the Chiron Super Sport reached 490 km/h.

In an interview with Top Gear , Christian von Koenigsegg, the company’s CEO, reinforced the commitment to accelerate Jesko to surpass that mark. “It would be a shame not to show what it can do given the simulations and the real performance of the hypercar,” said the executive.

Jesko Absolut. Image: Koenigsegg/Disclosure

The company intends to push the model to the limit at the Ehra-Lessien test track, which is in Germany and belongs to the Volkswagen Group . It is worth mentioning that it was there that Chiron reached his last record. It remains to be seen whether VW, owner of Bugatti, will allow the competitor to use its circuit to dethrone its hypercar.

Christian highlighted that, unlike the Chiron, the model that will be used in the tests complies with all the regulations to run on the streets, making the challenge more complex due to the extra weight, which slightly reduces the engine’s power.

Electric hypercars ‘need a reason to exist’

The Swedish automaker’s boss also considers that electric hypercars need more than speed to be worth it. Asked how he intends to make them more exciting, the executive commented that the plan is to stand out from competitors such as the Tesla Model S Plaid.

For Christian, most “hyper electrics” offer the same performance and range as the rival. “That’s the challenge for all brands,” he said.

“I think there needs to be a reason for (the car) to exist. Just making it cool, but not adding any significant features, and then charging ten times as much, that doesn’t work for me.”

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