Console has features that few users know about

Last Monday (1st), the Sony announced that the Accolades (Cheers) system will be removed from the PlayStation 5 (PS5). The feature allowed players to congratulate others on achievements in some games or even for behaviors that recognized the sportiness of the user.

However, the reason for the discontinuation of the tool is quite simple and was confirmed in Sony’s official statement: the feature did not receive the attention the company expected. With this, the developer announced that the internal occupations will be reordered.


Image: Playback/Sony

Commenting on this news, journalist Jade King suggested that Sony is making an effort to grant extra benefits to players without evaluating the real importance of these advantages. According to her, it is not new that the company has this habit, citing examples of the PSP, PS3 and PS4, such as the media center, PlayStation Vue and Music Unlimited. The failure of the latter even resulted in the agreement between Sony and the Spotifyin 2015.

In his article, King also criticizes the PS5’s SSD technology, saying that the concept of the feature is interesting, but without the necessary incentive to use it. The tool allows the user to edit screenshots without having to close the game and makes it possible to quickly load specific titles for a certain stage of the game. “Demon’s Souls” and “Sackboy: A Great Adventure” would be examples of these games.

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King also blasted the amount of notifications and news alerts passing through the console and stated that she wouldn’t be surprised if these features followed the same path as the Accolades system. She concludes the article by saying that more basic features would be really beneficial to the user, such as folders and new themes.

Some resources not mentioned by the journalist are little known by users. One of them is the possibility of connecting the PS5 through Spotify or Share Play, a tool also available on the PS4 and which allows gamers’ friends to remotely control the console, something criticized for the high instability in operation.

Sony did not disclose when exactly it will end the praise system, which is expected to occur in the coming months. The company’s goal was to ensure positive interaction between players and innovate its interface.

Jade King’s full article can be viewed here.

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