“NBA 2K23”: Check out the news of the new franchise game

the publisher 2K released a statement from the developers this Wednesday (3), sharing the news of “NBA 2K23”, the next title of the match basketball. Some improvements include new dribbling, AI team development and an emblem system.

“’NBA 2K23′ is just around the corner and showcases gameplay improvements by elevating the competitive intensity in every aspect. For us, the main pillar of this year can be represented in one word: Authenticity”, states the statement.


The game’s development team is committed to working on the offensive part of the teams, after focusing efforts on defense in “NBA 2K22”. In this next edition, players will be able to perform new combos that will be useful for shooting and ball control. In addition, the dunks will be more emphatic, the athlete can remain in the hoop after dunking a ball, and the throw meters will be customizable.

On the other hand, the defensive part also received some improvements. The best defensive athletes will have indicators that will allow them to put pressure on the opposing team’s point guards and, along with that, the blocks also receive more realistic changes.

Another modification of “NBA 2K23” will be the emblems used in MyPlayer and MyTeam modes. Badges, as they are known, more powerful will be more expensive and rare, while those with less efficiency will be simpler to acquire. The developers indicate that the change seeks to balance the game and make emblems more valuable as resources.

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AI players and coaches will be smarter this year. They will read the player’s habits and change the style of play that seeks to match the user’s. Thus, coaches will make defensive adjustments and substitution strategies more efficiently.

“We can’t wait for the community to experience this year’s gameplay, explore the new features and discover the hidden actions we’ve put into the game. game“, communicated the development team.

“NBA 2K23” is scheduled for release on September 9, 2022 and will arrive for PS4 platforms, PS5Xbox one, Xbox Series X|SPC and Nintendo Switch.

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