Baidu says its self-driving car technology will overtake Tesla

O Baidu, known as the “Google of China”, is increasingly investing in the self-driving car market through its automaker Jidu Auto. The stakes are so high that Jidu CEO Robin Li said the company’s autonomous technology must be a generation ahead. Tesla.

For the company, the main direction is the development smart cars And not only electrical. “The way we understand smart cars is that being electric is the semi-final and being smart is the final,” Li added.


According to Jidu CEO Jo Xia Yiping, the company is expected to deliver up to 800,000 self-driving cars by 2028. The second car model is expected to enter mass production in 2024.

One of the big differences between Jidu self-driving cars and Tesla vehicles are “lidar” sensors, a radar-like detection system that uses pulsed laser light instead of radio waves.

Jidu introduced its first “robot” in June this year. Its futuristic hatchback design features advanced autonomy in steering and improved speech… features.

Exactly. In a design that is already very close to the production model, Jidu Robo-01 offers full scene voice in and out of the car, millisecond voice response, and offline intelligent voice assistant. Thus, having the opportunity to “talk and share your emotions”.

According to the startup, there is a natural connection of the vehicle with the possibility of human-computer interaction of multimodal integration. Robo-01 accurately recognizes people’s instructions and responds to their needs. user in real time “through language, sight, touch and other interactive methods”.

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