Porsche founder’s grandson launches new custom model

Feuerbach Designworks, a car tuning company owned by Christopher Reitz, grandson of Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche, founder of brandannounced the launch of a new model exclusive.

Personalization Market vehicles is aimed at an elite audience that is not satisfied with just having a high-end car, but wants to experience a product designed in their honor.


And Feuerbach Designworks will bring this experience to buyers of the Feuerbach Porsche GTL Coupe, its new launch model. Clearly a derivative of the Porsche 911, the car should have some aerodynamic changes, headlight cutouts, and an even more aggressive and wider rear wing.

O engine The six-cylinder engine is based on the 911 GT3 powertrain and will be able to deliver up to 540 horsepower. There are also options for increasing power and torque. Turbocharged options will be available, as well as automatics with paddle shifters instead of manual ones.

Body designed by Reitz and his team the carbon fiber and should give the Porsche GTL an excellent power-to-weight ratio. And the company is committed to claiming that 90% of mechanical components are shared between Porsche and Porsche Motorsport.

Inside, the car follows the benchmark of lightness with carbon fiber interior door panels as well as the shifter housing. The classic speedometers have been retained, but the steering wheel and dashboard are wrapped in Alcantara.

It is not possible to see the screens with touch sensitivity, which will give the custom model a more classic look. In addition, the seats can be personalized with embroidered monograms, available in a variety of colors, textures and materials to suit the owner.

those who love speed and want to compete, you can also add a full roll cage and trail-ready seats.

Customizing a Porsche GT Coupe should cost at least US$550,000 (around R$2.8 million), making it clear the car won’t be easy to see on the street, not least because only 25 examples will be made. It is worth remembering that this value also does not include the regional taxes of each region, which can make the vehicle even more expensive.


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