Tesla’s semi-electric truck will hit the roads later this year, says Elon Musk.

CEO and Founder TeslaElon Musk announced on his Twitter this Wednesday (10) that the company’s semi-electric truck will hit the streets later this year. Known as the Tesla Semi vehicle was announced in 2017 and planned for 2019.

The semi-electric truck, which will be delivered later this year, should have about 500 miles on it, according to the billionaire’s post. autonomywhich is equivalent to 800 km on a single charge.


Orders for Tesla trucks have been placed since its launch. In fact, PepsiCo is one of the best candidates for getting a new car first hand. An American food company has ordered 100 truck models to transform one of its facilities in California. United Statesin zero emission.

Musk didn’t reveal anything about the details of the electric truck’s introduction to the market, not even big things like the car’s price, which previously started at $180,000.

In addition to announcing the availability of the truck, Elon Musk also confirmed that cybertruck will enter the market in 2023.

Tesla's electric truck, the Semi, is finally about to go into production. Image: Disclosure/Tesla
Image: Disclosure/Tesla

The businessman recently told a shareholder meeting that the car would have higher value than previously stated. According to Musk, the changes were driven by inflation and other issues along the way.



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