Acura begins revealing details of its electric SUV

Acura recently announced that it will showcase its first electric SUV at Monterey Car Week. O vehicle it has been called the Precision EV and appears to embody “the electrified future of Acura design”.

The company is sounding the alarm about the new car, but in the release of the teaser, it piqued the curiosity of customers, especially in the front grille, which features a very bright LED.


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The front end appears to carry the design language of the Integra and MDX, including the five-pointed diamond shape and corner headlights. The sculpted air intake on the bumper also features many illuminated rectangular elements.

The new vehicle will be based on the company’s Ultium architecture. General Motorsthanks to a partnership between GM and Acura’s parent company Honda.

Acura Precision will be built at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant in the US. United States. The agreement requires Acura to develop the interior and exterior designs of the vehicles, and the platform to be developed by GM to support the requested specifications.

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