“Elden Ring” proves its popularity and reaches an incredible mark

Bandai Namco’s latest quarterly earnings report brought positive news for Elden Ring. O conformity proved its continued popularity and reached the mark of 16.6 million copies sold.

Image: Reproduction/Bandai Namco
Image: Reproduction/Bandai Namco

According to the report, Elden Ring sold 3.2 million units last quarter. In the previous quarter, the disclosure indicated that the game from Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware sold 13.4 million copies.


At the same time, the numbers testify to the huge success of the game. The game has become one of the best sellers of the decade and is likely to cross the 20 million mark soon. According to some forecasts by the American NPD Group, Elden Ring will become only the third the game overcome “Call of Duty” in annual sales for USA since 2009, according to analyst Matt Piscatella’s forecast for 2022.


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