Death Stranding Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

What was a rumor has now been confirmed: Death Stranding will be available to Xbox Game Pass from August 23 in the PC version. This was reported by Kojima Productions and 505 Games on the official website Xbox.

Rumors about the addition of “Death Stranding” to the service gained momentum after the appearance of a PC Game Pass account on twitter publish multiple posts giving advice to players in addition to other tips by updating the profile picture with a rainy background, difficult weather conformity.


Image: Reproduction/Kojima Productions
Image: Reproduction/Kojima Productions

Other players wondered how the game could get to the service, because Sony owns the copyright to Death Stranding with Kojima Productions. However, as announced, the game will only be available on PC Game Pass, with the title remaining exclusive to Game console on consoles.

“For those who don’t know, Death Stranding is about the importance of connections; We are very excited to connect more players to this world and this truly wonderful community.”


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