Do you want to earn money by playing online? Check out some tips

Play video game is a hobby of many people, but many of these players do not know about the box of opportunities to earn money by playing games. This is for those who want extra money or who want to make a career in this field. Check out the tips below!

Image: Reproduction/Pexels
Image: Reproduction/Pexels
  • Volunteer to participate in beta testing

Few people know this, but you can earn money by being a kind of “beta tester” of some games, try out some games before they are released. To do this, you can register with testing companies, and if they are accepted, the task will be to provide feedback on the game, reporting the shortcomings and errors found. It’s worth noting that not all games are available for this, but the experience might be worth it nonetheless.


Streaming is a profession that is growing more and more, and this is the advice, you will need patience. After all, live broadcasts consist of playing some games and broadcasting over the Internet for other users to watch and comment, forming a community. But to do this, you need to build those relationships with subscribers to the level of earning from advertising, sponsorships and donations, and this process can take some time before it really becomes profitable. You can be a streamer on multiple platforms, with twitchO YouTube games this is Games on Facebook is the most famous at present.

  • Be a professional player

In addition to streamers, another profession that has gained popularity in recent years is professional players participating in well-known tournaments with cash prizes. As with live streaming, this is a piece of advice that will also require patience, considering how much you will need to dedicate yourself to your chosen game. You will need to put in several hours a day to practice and at the same time train your skills to a level that allows you to participate in championships around the world.


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