Doom Slayer may appear in the game

Some rumors in Internet point to the next skin to be added to Fortnite. This is what Doom Slayer from the famous franchise looks like games “Rock”.

According to user HypeX, known for anticipating information about Fortnite, there was a conversation with another insider from conformitywhich created three franchise opportunities that could establish partnerships with the title epic games. In addition to “Doom”, “Family Guy” and “Lord of the Rings” will be the mentioned franchises.


However, for HypeX, “Doom” would be the most likely choice. This is because Doom 64 is free on the Epic Games Store, in honor of QuakeCon 2022, and also because a set of costumes from the game was released on “Autumn Boys”, another game from the company. Soon, Fortnite should seize the moment and introduce a novelty with the Doom Slayer skin. According to the user, the character’s costume should appear in the game next week.

On the other hand, another user, in response to HypeX’s comment, recalled an alleged Lord of the Rings reference on the island of Fortnite. The grounds include a sandcastle reminiscent of Helm’s Deep, a fortress that was the scene of great battles in J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, which could mean the key to the franchise approaching battle royale.

Meanwhile, Doom 64 is only available for free on the Epic Games Store until next week. The game is one of the titles of a popular franchise that began its development in 1993 when the first “Doom” was released, an important milestone in the history of the gaming industry.


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