Microsoft paid BRL 3 million to play on Game Pass

“Cooking Simulator” was not cheap for Xbox Game Pass. According to the financial report provided by the development studio conformityPolish Big Cheese Studio, Microsoft paid 600 thousand US dollars (about 3 million reais) for hosting the game in your subscription service.

Image: Reproduction/Big Cheese Studio
Image: Reproduction/Big Cheese Studio

The papers were published on the Twisted Voxel website. In addition to mentioning the cost, Big Cheese Studio also noted that the “Cooking Simulator” agreement with Microsoft was quite profitable financially, as the money raised by the company from Xbox accounts for 22% of the total amount of money collected in this fiscal year by the Polish company.


Cooking simulator originally released for the platform cook for a couple, in 2019 “Cooking Simulator” sold over 700,000 units and released 400,000 copies of expansion packs. The game will subsequently be released for consoles and Microsoft’s subscription service, the title has been available since the 11th.

Did Sony pay the studio not to put the game on Game Pass? understand the matter

One of the biggest things in the universe gamer This year – arguably the biggest – is Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for US$70 billion (about Rs. 365 million). One of the consequences of the purchase was to sharpen Sony’s rivalry with Microsoft and put chapters aside.



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