Game studios accuse publisher of financial exploitation

Studio Mojiken and developer Toge Productions accuse publisher PQube Games of using the studios for financial gain. Companies created the future the game “Space for the Unbound” which, after controversy, was shelved without a specific date.

The indictment took place this Wednesday (24) in a post on the official profile conformity in twitter. In a statement, the developers claim they felt “manipulated” and “exploited” and disputes with PQube led to the termination of the contract between the companies.


Image: Playback/Toge Productions/Mojiken Studio
Image: Playback/Toge Productions/Mojiken Studio

“At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in August 2020, PQube Games took advantage of our position as Indonesian independent developers to raise the amount of the diversity fund from the well-known console platform,” the developers state. “This Diversity Fund was a grant fund designed to help underrepresented game developers, especially during the pandemic. However, instead of handing over the funds to the developers, PQube deliberately blocked the information and used the money for its own commercial gain.”

Toge Productions and Mojiken allege that PQube Games covered up the facts about the grant and then used it to negotiate to increase their share of the revenue. According to the developers, this practice was only discovered in March 2022, and for them it resulted in a breach of trust in PQube.

PQube spoke about the incident and denied the allegations, saying it fulfilled its publisher obligations and supported the production of the game despite a history of “difficulties and delays”. According to the company, Toge Productions did not offer “reasonable terms” for the deal.

“Toge Productions sought to unilaterally enforce revised terms that were inconsistent with our agreement. It’s frustrating that, due to being unable to do so, and despite PQube’s considerable efforts to resolve the issue, they are attempting to resolve the issue this way. We will respond through the appropriate channels,” PQube said.


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