The platform will receive a new mobile application

OUR valve announced this Wednesday (24) that Steam will get a new app mobile. According to the company, the app will have significant improvements over the original.

Revelation came to mail on the Steam blog and, according to Valve, a new mobile application on the platform is in beta testing, and users can try it out right now – Valve has released instructions for each system.


Image: Play/Steam
Image: Play/Steam

It should be noted that users iOS those who test the beta version of the app will be limited to 10,000 participants, and places fill up quickly. According to Valve, the action follows the rules set by Apple. On the other hand, Steam should increase this number as the app’s development progresses.

With the Valve update, several changes have been made to the Steam app, such as logging in via QR code, improved library, new notifications, and improved platform store navigation, among other changes. The application has also received a new face, with a modernized design and a new structure.

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“We ask experienced Steam users to try something from the application and provide feedback. The sooner we get your feedback on the product, the better.” “It helps us test some assumptions, find out what the audience likes and dislikes, and finds things that need to be fixed. It is very important that the application can be used on so many different mobile phones and devices,” he added.

Valve has not announced an official release date for the Steam app. The company’s plan is to continue to draw the attention of users to the beta version, thus striving to develop an ever better product.


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