Rumor has it that Amazon will buy EA Sports

Acquisition of Activision Blizzard by the company Microsoft at the beginning of this year, he dominated most of the gaming industry news in recent months. Now another big purchase could take place: rumor has it Amazon buy EA Sport.

Information published by USA Today. Amazon has already submitted an offer to acquire EA, and according to the rumored sources, the purchase should be announced later this Friday (26). Trading values ​​were not divided.


Image: Reproduction/EA
Image: Reproduction/EA

In the agreement, Amazon plans to implement several projects to develop entertainment formats with various EA properties, with games like “Apex Legends”, “Skate”, “Need for Speed” and “FIFA” (future “EA Sports FC”) in their esteemed catalogue.

At the same time, the planning of the Jeff Bezos company involves the production movies as well as series who explore the history of Electronic Arts intellectual property. On the other hand, the opposite should also happen: games that adapt Amazon Studios products to reach a higher level of audience from the general public.

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Speculation surrounding a possible EA purchase has been high in recent months. Some news even said that the company would consider potential candidates for the sale or merger of its structure. Apart from the Amazon itself, Disney, Apple and NBC Universal were evaluated as potentially interested companies.

Interestingly, EA CEO Andrew Wilson came to refute previous rumors about buying the company at a quarterly conference call in early August. EA is “on its way to becoming the largest standalone developer and publisher of interactive entertainment on the planet,” he said.

Now, with EA’s eventual acquisition of Amazon, it’s time to wait for the next chapters of this storyline.

It’s worth noting that EA has just close the millionaire’s contract to become the official sponsor of La Liga, Spain’s top football league. The goal is to publicize the new name that FIFA will receive: EA Sports FC.

How EA is growing during the downturn in the gaming market

After several years of prosperity, the market technology as well as games is experiencing a severe recession and economic downturn, with the industry projected to contract by 1.2% this year. However, some companies manage to get around the situation, in the case of EA.

A report on the Protocol website provides some details on EA’s strategies in the face of the financial downturn in the gaming industry. The main measure that will preserve the positive image of the company will be more active investment in games for Cell Phones. In 2021, the developer spent about 4 billion US dollars (approximately 20 billion reais) on this area.

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