The claim that Amazon wants to buy EA Sports is a lie, the TV presenter said.

The day started off hot in the game world. Friday (26) started with buying rumors from EA from Amazon, and many people are commenting on a possible deal. However, CNBC, the American television network United Statesdeclares that the information is not true.

Inside sources told the American newspaper that, according to CNBC, the acquisition will not go ahead. According to journalist David Faber, when some people were asked about the deal between Amazon and EA, they said “nothing is happening.”


Dealing with rumors of EA Sports’ alleged purchase by Amazon

According to information published by USA Today, Amazon has already submitted an offer to acquire EA, and according to sources who spread the rumors, the purchase should be announced later this Friday (26). Trading values ​​were not divided.

Image: Reproduction/EA
Image: Reproduction/EA

In the agreement, Amazon plans to implement several projects to develop entertainment formats with various EA properties, with games like “Apex Legends”, “Skate”, “Need for Speed” and “FIFA” (future “EA Sports FC”) in their esteemed catalogue.


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