Crystal ball? Meet the New Genesis GV60 Gear Selector

It may even seem like something from a movie or a joke, but Genesis (luxury hand Hyundai) really decided to put a kind of crystal ball inside the new version of his SUV electric GV60.

The object, nicknamed the Crystal Sphere, works like a rotating gear switch. The crystal ball can also function as an ambient light projector and has been likened to a gem. Company.


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The crystal sphere comes to life when you open the GV60’s door, when you press the start button, the crystal ball begins to spin, revealing a more realistic gear selector and a prominent park button at the top.

The new gear selection tool has a haptic feedback system that acts as a safety device, clearly indicating when the vehicle is ready to drive, which may seem obvious to people accustomed to combustion engine vehicles where engine It makes noise.

Not so long ago, the Genesis GV60 began to be sold. sold outside South Korea. With a range of top-notch automotive features available worldwide, this vehicle is an important step for the brand on its all-electric ambition – all of its new models will be all-electric from 2025.

The luxury SUV was sold in two trim levels, both with all-wheel drive powertrains (thrust built-in) with dual motor and 77.4 kWh battery. Its Advanced version has a 160 kW engine at the rear and a 74 kW engine at the front, providing a total output of 234 kW (318 hp) and a total torque of 605 Nm. The estimated range is 400 km on a single charge.


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