FIFA 23: full game leak on Xbox

Last Tuesday (30) users Xbox Series S and X pleasantly surprised. Due to Xbox game error FIFA 23 was available for full download a few hours a month before the official release.

According to some players, preloading conformity was sent to those who made a pre-purchase, it was accidentally activated, allowing Ultimate buyers to play the game. Additionally, the trial version available on EA Play may have been released earlier, allowing others to access the game.


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To minimize damage, EA has taken the game’s online server offline. The British portal Mirror reported that players who received access to the closed beta were also able to download the full version of FIFA 23. The release of the new football simulator from the Canadian developer is scheduled for September 27 only.


Many gamers have shown themselves on social media, such as revealing player ratings and even hosting streaming live with the match. In turn, EA did not comment on this issue. See below for more on the aftermath of the FIFA 23 leak on social media:

The leak is not the first incident with the new game

A few weeks ago there was another bug related to a new game in the FIFA franchise. A bug at Epic Games has released the Ultimate version of the game with a 99.98% discount. In this case, EA said it would take into account the discount.

Featured Image: Disclosure/EA


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