Want to play NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series X|S? So it’s better to divide the space

NBA 2K23 fans are waiting for the release conformity in Xbox Series X|S prepare to free up a significant portion of the console’s internal memory. The upcoming 2K basketball game should take up over 152GB of system space.

The information was entered by the user in reddit from the “r/NBA2k” community who posted a screenshot of the “NBA2K23” loading on Xbox Series X|S. In general, the published download showed that the game weighs 152.02 GB.


Picture: Playback/2K
Picture: Playback/2K

If this information is confirmed, “NBA 2K23” will be one of the biggest games on the Xbox Series X|S – in terms of footprint. For comparison, the previous game “NBA 2K22” takes up “only” 115 GB of internal memory. The panorama shows that there is a trend towards more heavy games in the industry in the coming years.

Furthermore, news and additions in “NBA 2K23” can justify a significant increase in memory. In addition to gameplay improvements and AI team development, new content will be added to the game in My Career mode. The player will be able to play MyNBA Eras mode with four different NBA periods depending on the teams, rosters, arenas and rules of each season.


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