NBA 2K23 is now available in Brazil

This Friday (09) the game NBA 2K23 was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The basketball game from Visual Concept and 2K is now available on consoles worldwide, including Brazil.


Various versions of “NBA 2K23” can be purchased. The standard edition with star Devin Booker on the cover costs between R$299.90 and R$349.90. Meanwhile, the Michael Jordan Edition costs R$449.50 and the Championship Edition costs R$749.50. Players can also opt for the digital version, which can be purchased for R$399.50.

Picture: Playback/2K
Picture: Playback/2K

In NBA 2K23, players will have multiple opportunities to explore the basketball simulation with new formats and improved gameplay. Development team conformity focused on the offensive part of the teams, making useful changes in shooting and ball control. The difference between normal and great shooters will be noticeable, and the player will need to be good at attacking at all levels.

A new storyline has been added to My Player mode. This time, after the project NBA, the custom character will have to overcome the distrust of the fans who have given preference to another athlete: Shep Owens – no matter which team you choose, the mission will be to gain the trust of fans of the franchise. To do this, the main character will have to overcome the hostile environment and prove that the team’s choice was right, winning matches and leaving his name in the history of the league.

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In addition, there will be four different eras in MyNBA mode: Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, and the present day. Players will be able to travel back to 1983 and make any choice they want, forever changing the past and future of the NBA. Another feature of the game is the Jordan Challenge, which revives the environment with the greatest athlete in league history and offers players 15 challenges.

On the other hand, NBA 2K23 online matches will not support crossplay between platforms. Game console as well as Xbox. However, 2K has revealed that cross-console progressions are available on the MyTeam system.


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