Added official mod feature


Modders can now use their abilities in Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red, the developer of the game, has announced that conformity will introduce an official modification tool aiming to facilitate the installation of “mods” created by the game.


According to CD Projekt Red, this tool is “intended for all Cyberpunk 2077 and mod enthusiasts.” This feature is called REDmod and is a free package that adds built-in support for installing and loading mods in the game.

Image: Reproduction/CD Projekt Red
Image: Reproduction/CD Projekt Red

The tool offers players features to help modify aspects of Cyberpunk 2077, such as custom sounds and game animations. CD Projekt Red has stated that REDmod will be updated with every patch released by the studio to ensure compatibility.

REDmod has been made available for download on the official Cyberpunk 2077 website. The tool is available on select platforms in PRACHAsuch as cook for a coupleEpic Games Store and GOG, and it doesn’t install automatically.

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This feature was introduced in the Edgerunners update (patch 1.6), which brought new content for “Cyberpunk 2077” such as photo mode, anime items that will be released in Netflix and a transmogrification system that allows you to change the skin of characters regardless of the equipment used by the player.

Patch 1.6 will be the last Cyberpunk 2077 update available for PS4 and Xbox One players. The upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion will be released in 2023 for prefix 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC and according to CD Projekt Red. the update will be “a thriller and spy expansion set in a new area of ​​Night City.”


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