Criticism of the company’s toxic environment continues to surface

For several years now, Ubisoft has been trying to improve its image in the world. video gamestainted primarily by allegations of abuse and a toxic work environment that surfaced in 2020. games is still being criticized by officials.


According to an article published by Axios last Thursday (15), Ubisoft employees claim that changes to the company have been minimal since 2020. They say they continue to demand better studio workspaces.

Image: Reproduction/Ubisoft
Image: Reproduction/Ubisoft

One of the critics is Mark Ruchlet, designer games by Ubisoft Paris. In his opinion, many employees suffer because of the abusive work environment created by the company. The designer also recalled the lawsuit filed against the studio, and says he wants to get justice in this case.

“It’s not harassment that creates a toxic culture. It’s a toxic culture that breeds stalkers,” Rutchle said. “We demand an explanation. Toxic people who left the company—after all, most of them just left, not got fired—never explained their behavior. It will be a chance to hear them, but in a courtroom,” added the game designer, who also calls for the hiring of more women and transparency in investigations.

Other sources did not name themselves in the story with Axios, but also commented on the situation with Ubisoft. For them, people are more aware of the problems that arise in the company, but the correction of these problems occurs superficially. One source claimed that the manifestations of “brave employees” were the reason for the few changes that the studio’s management made.

Image: Reproduction/Ubisoft
Image: Reproduction/Ubisoft

“All of the recent additional harassment and abuse training has taught managers to say the right things – or at least not to say the wrong things – and seem to be doing the right thing,” another source said.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot was recently interviewed by and spoke about the allegations against the company. According to him, the studio is working hard on these issues and is open to suggestions for improvement in several points.

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“We have done a lot and I think we are a company to be proud of,” said Guillemot. “We have to fix it, and they help us do it better. We are open to criticism and when they are valid, we follow them to solve them,” he added.

As of 2020, some Ubisoft employees involved in allegations of violence and harassment have been fired, such as PR director Stone Chin and creative director “Assassin’s Creed ValhallaAshraf Ismail. In the case of Ismail, some suggestions indicated that he was hired by Tencent and will already work for the conglomerate Chinese.



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