Microsoft has no plans to raise prices at this time.

Head of Department games gives Microsoft, Phil Spencer was interviewed last Thursday (15) by CNBC and talked about some of the issues surrounding the Xbox. According to him, due to the negative financial momentum of plans to increase prices for consoles from company.


“At a time when our customers are experiencing greater economic hardship and uncertainty than ever, we do not feel it is right to increase the prices of our consoles,” said the head of Xbox.

Image: reproduction/polygon
Image: reproduction/polygon

In that sense, Spencer reiterated that the console’s current lower cost is important to Microsoft, and that this could reflect on the success of the Xbox Series S. On the other hand, the Xbox CEO said he wouldn’t rule out a price increase. in the future, despite not confirming anything about it.

“We’re always evaluating our business going forward, so I don’t think we can ever say we’ll never do something,” Spencer said. “However, when we look at our consoles these days, we think value is incredibly important.”

The Xbox boss also took advantage of the interview to highlight the importance of the Xbox Series S, which has captured a lot of gamers around the world. In addition, Spencer emphasized that Microsoft must maintain the current cost of consoles.

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“We like the position of the S Series in the market – this is our most affordable console. More than half of the new players we open are from Series S,” Spencer said. “And I can say with confidence that today we have no plans to increase the prices of our consoles,” he confirmed.

The problem with the Xbox became known after the announcement Sony last month about Global price increase for PlayStation 5. According to console boss Jim Ryan, the decision was very difficult, but it was made due to “unfavorable economic conditions” such as high inflation rates worldwide and unfavorable currency fluctuations.


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