Xbox CEO commented again on the purchase of Activision Blizzard

While the agreement between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are being scrutinized by regulators around the world, Xbox’s conflicts with Sony intensifies. Console boss Phil Spencer once again shared his thoughts on the matter.


Spencer was interviewed by CNBC last Thursday (15). Comments from Sony and Jim Ryan, CEO Game consoleat Microsoft’s suggestion regarding “Call of Dutywere raised in the conversation. According to Ryan, Xbox offer was “inadequate” on several levels.

In an interview, Spencer was asked about the promise to keep the game on the PlayStation for “several years” and whether the matter could go further, such as ensuring that the FPS stays on the Sony console forever. The Xbox boss has said he expects Call of Duty to continue on PlayStation and other platforms.

Image: Playback/Microsoft

“I can’t say much about the current state of the regulatory process just because of the mechanism involved,” Spencer said. “I have publicly made it clear to our fans and customers our biggest commitment is that we expect we will continue to bring Call of Duty to PlayStation and other platforms where people can play it. I hope to expand the places where people play all of our games”, he added.

Expanding the influence of Xbox is the goal for the next few years, Spencer said, making games accessible to all gamers. “That was our goal. We put the gamer at the center and through technologies such as cloud technology, day and date of delivery on PC, we expect that the games we create will be played by more gamers in the future. This is our goal with all games what we are playing now.

Another topic raised in the interview was the inclusion of Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass, which was another offshoot of Activision’s acquisition of Blizzard and caused concern from Sony. In that sense, the console boss said that the subscription service is not an onslaught to “crush competition” but the result of Microsoft’s attempts to compete with the PlayStation.

“When I look at something like Game Pass, I think it’s the result of competition in our marketplace,” Spencer commented. “We sat down with Microsoft and Xbox and thought, ‘How can we innovate and create value…for gamers?’ So we’ve released a new model for customers who build their own game libraries, and gamers love it. I think that’s where the competition is.”

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In addition, Spencer also spoke about the Xbox pricing issue and according to him, Microsoft has no plans to increase console prices at this time.. The console boss emphasized that the financial moment is difficult and such a measure would not be the “right thing to do” in relation to brand buyers.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been a major topic of debate in the gaming industry in 2022. According to Xbox, the analysis of the regulatory boards of several countries should take several more months, and the finalization of the agreement has not yet been completed. expected only next year.


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