Alleged gameplay videos leaked online

already circulating in Internet gameplay videos from “Grand Theft Auto 6“. The information came after a GTAForums user shared about 100 videos claiming to be the franchise’s new name.


Early this Sunday morning (18) forum user “teapotuberhacker” – who claims to be responsible for the Uber hack — posted a link on the platform that reads: “Here are 90 clips and scenes from GTA 6. I may be able to release more soon, assets and source code for GTA 5 and 6, as well as a trial version of GTA. 6″.

The images are consistent with what was provided in July by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, who indicated that the game would female lead what if will take place in Vice City.

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Most of the images showing gameplay there are codes in the game that seem to be developing. Characters and environments are still rendered during the video.

In one of the most complete (and cleanest of the codes) scenes, we see a woman, apparently the protagonist, robbing a restaurant. In another scene, the same woman appears at a nightclub.

You can also see a firefight between the protagonist and dozens of police cars in the still unfinished images full of code information.

A video posted on YouTube collected all the leaked footage. Check it out below:

So far, RockStar has not commented on the veracity of the leaks. According to Schreier’s investigation, his sources close to Rockstar have confirmed that the leaked images are from the development of “GTA 6”.

“Not that there was much doubt, but I confirmed to Rockstar sources that the massive leak of Grand Theft Auto VI this weekend is indeed real. Filming, of course, early and unfinished. This is one of the biggest leaks in the history of video games and a real nightmare for Rockstar Games,” wrote Schreier.


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