Google to shut down Stadia platform in 2023

In a statement posted on official blogGoogle has announced the closure of its gaming service Stadia. platform games in the cloud will remain active for players only until January 18, 2023


Google also announced that it will refund all Stadia hardware purchases made through the Google Store, as well as games and other additional content purchased in the store. The company expects the payments to be completed by mid-January.

Image: Play/Google
Image: Play/Google

In a blog post, Google Stadia Vice President Phil Harrison talked about the closure of the gaming platform. According to him, despite efforts to optimize the product, there was not much demand from the gaming audience.

“While Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming has been built on a solid technological foundation, it hasn’t been as popular with users as we hoped it would be, so we’ve made the difficult decision to initiate the closure of our Stadia streaming service,” the post reads. Harrison said.

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The statement also said that the staff of the Stadia team will be distributed to other divisions of the company. Harrison says Google sees opportunities to exploit technology services elsewhere, for example YouTubeGoogle Play and augmented reality (AR).

Google Stadia was originally launched in 2019 with 94 games released on the platform and they weren’t available on the platform. Brazil. The service has faced shutdown rumors since last year, after the number of games released on Google’s cloud dwindled and the company’s development studio closed.


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