Sony launches loyalty program in Brazil in October

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program will be available on Brazil October 5th. OUR Sony announced this Wednesday (28) that the feature will roll out to countries in South and North America next month.


The Japanese company also revealed that PlayStation Stars has been active in Asia since yesterday (28). The program is free, but users who are PlayStation Plus subscribers may receive rewards and other benefits.

Among the awards players will be able to earn exclusive digital collectibles, Sony Digital Wallet points and select PlayStation Store products. Any adult account registered with PSN can participate in Stars.

To take advantage of the Sony program, players must complete certain actions and campaigns, which can be simple or more complex, such as accessing any game once a month or being the first to earn a platinum trophy the game in the region. Other challenges include winning some competitions.

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In addition, the player will be able to increase the number of rewards in PlayStation Stars by progressing through status levels based on trophies and purchases. In this context, the user will remain at a certain level until the end of the year plus an additional thirteen months.

Currently, in order to access PlayStation Stars and get the full experience, you must use the PlayStation app on your devices. iOS as well as android or official site online. Sony intends to bring this feature to the console soon.


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