FIFA 23: The game contains references to Abel Ferreira and Luve de Pedreira

Released on the 27th for EA Access subscribers and will be officially launched on Friday (30th).FIFA 23” more and more references to football Brazilian.


Besides Gustavo Villani’s narration and Cayo Ribeiro’s commentary, the game also announced Natalia Lara as “reporter”. Nonetheless And we did not stop there and prepared two more news for the Brazilian fans.

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The first is a clear reference to Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira. By creating a team with perfect chemistry for 33 points, the player unlocks the “Cold Head, Warm Heart” trophy. This phrase is widely used by the Portuguese coach and is even the title of his recently published book.

Another “tribute” is the influential person Iran Ferreira, the famous Luva de Pedreiro. When hit with the FIFA 23 Super Kick, the player wins the Receba! trophy, Luva’s classic catchphrase.

surprises are coming

Glova de Pedreiro even stirred up social media by posting a cryptic video about FIFA 23 on his social media.

FIFA 23 will be released for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

FIFA 23: Check out what’s new in Career Mode

FIFA 23 will introduce some new features in Career Mode, including the ability to choose your athlete’s personality. O conformity should cover role-playing scenarios and build a complete picture of your future superstar from football.

In total, the player will be able to choose between three personality types: Maverick, with the rapid development of acceleration, speed and finish; Virtuoso, with aspects aimed at the distribution of games; and Heartbeat, who will be a tireless player, the “heart of the team” and will receive defensive stat points.

Image: reproduction/electronic art
Image: reproduction/electronic art

In this case, the system will be similar to the components of the “Journey” mode, which was present between “FIFA 17 and 19” and told the story of the fictional athlete Alex Hunter.

“Maintaining balance or focusing on your personality will be your choice and now it’s up to you how to structure your athlete,” said Alex Constantinescu, FIFA 23 designer, in a recent presentation the game MASS MEDIA.

Off-pitch events will also become a part of the daily life of the players, developing their style of play. Athletes will also be able to change their lifestyle by entering into contracts with higher pay.

In addition, FIFA 23 will have the ability to skip a match in real time, going directly to the critical moments of the game.

FIFA 23 releases September 30 for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. This will be the last game EA Sports with the title of the highest football institution, which will be renamed “EA Sports FC”.


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