Youtuber ‘Minecraft’ reveals his face after years of anonymity

Youtuber Dream, known for making videos “mine craft“, popularized his brand in Internet remaining anonymous and wearing a white mask with a smile. However, last Sunday (02) the influencer finally revealed his face on air on his channel.


After the publication of the video, it gained more than 16 million views and caused a great resonance on the network. social networks. Dream is one of the most popular names in YouTube and exceeds the mark of 30 million subscribers on the platform.

In the video, the YouTuber explains why he chose to reveal his face after years of anonymity. According to Dream, he wants to finally meet the friends he made online and also wants to travel the world without worrying about it.

“My goal was to just start doing things: hang out, meet creators, finally say hello to friends. Just go out into the world,” Dream said in the video. “I want to be a real artist. Be human,” he added.

After that, Dream also revealed that it was not going to make a video without a mask for “Minecraft” content. Nonetheless youtuber announced that he plans to make more videos about his daily life in real life.

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Before Dream shared a video of him showing his face, only a few people had the opportunity to meet him, like his roommate Sapnap. The youtuber was just another content creator who remains anonymous on the internet in pursuit of privacy and security.

According to Dream, the issue has even become an obsession due to fan speculation. He claims that some subscribers acted arrogantly, trying to leak information and recognize his face.


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